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Steamboat - Ski Town, USA

Our Connections to the Land

After I let the horses out to graze early this evening, I decided to take a stroll through their pasture. It was as if the whole Earth had opened wide her doors and welcomed me into a mystical realm of color and song. The bright purples, pinks, and yellows of the native Colorado wildflowers, the verdant grasses, the bright blue sky, and the rugged Rockies on the horizon, still covered in snow, were majestic in their beauty. The wind blew gently, fresh and clean, and carried the voices of birds and playing children. I stopped in awe and looked around, full circle, in complete, heart melting gratitude. How am I so fortunate to be a part of this landscape today? I started to think of all of the places I have lived and traveled to in my journey on this Earth, and I realized that every place has been filled with immeasurable beauty. The rolling hills of the North Carolina Piedmont, the soft white sands and sun-dappled waters of the southern coast, the misty blues and gentle curves of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and now the rugged, snow capped peaks of the Rockies surrounded by vibrant valleys and meadows intent on growing fully, without inhibition, in the brief but glorious Colorado summer. The land on which we plant our feet is our connection to the flow of humanity..those who have walked before us and the generations upon generations who will follow. Wherever you are today, have a walk about your particular spot on this Earth and consider who from years past has seen the same glorious sunset or felt the same rich earth between their toes. The houses we build can be beautiful and are certainly a reflection of our particular time and place in the history of mankind. But the natural landscape of a place is where the true magic lies, as long as you take the time to look for it! Enjoy looking through these properties….across our land here in America and abroad. I’m certain you’ll find something to connect you with the past, ground you in the present, and carry your dreams into the future.

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3 Responses

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  1. Christina Ciufo says

    How true, how true… Always changing and never complacent is this earth we live on. I truly enjoy browsing the housing and land opportunities on this website. Go ahead – go somewhere new. Fill yourself with an unfamiliar experience. Our family is seriously considering doing just that.

  2. Chris Bradley says

    Our re-connection with the land, regaining balance, and discovering a new harmony is our only true future.

  3. Lauren Wagner says

    What beautifully written reflections – so poetic, and visual… it is amazing to think of all the generations before us, and those to come… and thank you for reminding us to be more aware of all the magic right in front of us now!!

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