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Steamboat - Ski Town, USA

The Morning Drive

My journey into town this morning was BUSY!!! There was a lot of activity, but not with honking horns, impatient drivers, or stoplights intent on turning red. Instead, chipmunks and ground squirrels foraged for breakfast. Handsomely clad sage grouse courted potential mates, who apparently weren’t yet in the mood for being wooed. Three inquisitive alpacas peered over a fence at a silky black cat, who had just made his daily rounds through the horse barn. Two snow white gentle giants – Great Pyrenees they’re called- patrolled an autumn valley dotted with hay bales that mimicked birthday gifts wrapped in gold.
On the other side of the bridge, two cowboys (they are real out here in Colorado) herded twenty or so cappuccino colored cows and their calves to a new pasture. A mama mule deer gently coaxed her twins across the road. Two appaloosas and a gray mare gathered for morning conversation at a water trough. Early morning sunlight shimmered on the feathers of a flock of hens, who were just plain busy. Whew! So much activity, and I am only 7 minutes into my drive. I have yet to see any other wheels throwing dust along the road.
A long time ago and in another place, it took almost an hour to rush through my chaotic morning drive. Now, these creatures, starting their day in such purposeful yet serene ways, help ground me for mine.

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  1. George Hayworth says

    It sounds like a wonderful place to live. Your description is a place of calmness, stress-free and a place that is in concert with nature’s blessings.

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