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The benefits of investing in land

In today’s relatively volatile real estate market, why would you want to invest in it?  It is smart to be wary, indeed, but there is an exception: land.

Historically, investing in land – property without structures, maintenance, etc. – has been a safe, stable investment. Investing in land means investing in a physical asset, unlike stocks that can potentially diminish completely. Moreover, unlike other real estate investments like rentals, or even a second home, there are no maintenance costs or tenant issues.

But there’s more than that.  Other benefits of investing in land include:

  • Supply & demand will always put upward price pressure on land,
  • The cost of land is relatively more affordable than properties with structures,
  • Property taxes, due to the lower cost of land properties, are generally lower,
  • A variety of choices, from price, to lot sizes, to locations,
  • The option to build if needed,
  • Versatility for resale; property may be purposed for residential, commercial, agriculture, etc.

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4 Responses

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  1. Todd Stauffer says

    I like how you said that you have the option to build if you buy land for a ranch. My wife and I have always wanted to live in the countryside with nobody around but us, tending animals and having a good time. Maybe we’ll actually have to look for some land where we could build our own home as well because that is another dream of ours.

  2. sally wood says

    Nice Article. Totally agree with the points related to investing in Land.

  3. Sara Tylor says

    I agree that investment in the land could be very profitable. One could buy a land and built a structure according to the requirement of the market and sell such property with a better profit. However, a lot of factors needs to be considered prior to buying a land. Location of the land has a significant influence on the profit of the investment. So, it is really essential to buy a land or property which has a suitable location.

  4. Dave Anderson says

    I think that it is awesome how investing in land is a physical asset and won’t potentially diminish completely. I wouldn’t want my investment to go down the drain just like that. I would love to look into buying land and investing in it.

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